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Kerkerkruip now has a Twitter account

by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip now has a Twitter account. Follow @Kerkerkruip!

Kerkerkruip 9 beta

by Victor Gijsbers

We’re nearing release of Kerkerkruip 9. (“We” being the design team consisting of Mike Ciul, Erik Temple, Dannii Willis, Remko van der Pluijm and myself.)

This is by far the biggest update of Kerkerkruip yet, with over 600 commits on the Github code repository. Among many other things, it brings you two new normal enemies and some undead opponents as well; a religion system that adds an entire new strategic dimension to Kerkerkruip‘s central mechanic of soul absorption; the ability to throw grenades into adjacent rooms; sleeping monsters and dream sequences; as well as a completely redesigned reaction system, which now involves four commands — dodge, parry, roll and block — all of which have different tactical uses as you build up your offensive and defensive flow. To top it all off, there is Wade Clarke’s awesome music for the title menu.

There are still a couple of small bugs and other minor issues we’re working on, but the game is definitely ready for beta testing. So please grab the latest beta — this link will always link to the latest beta — and give it some testing! Any bug reports or other comments can be posted here, on Github, or on the Interactive Fiction forum.

Get the game file and the Gargoyle interpreter.

Kerkerkruip one of the “most interesting roguelikes”

by Victor Gijsbers

Kerkerkruip got 13 votes in the “Roguelike of the Year” competition. Perhaps not a great showing — I’d love the game to become better known in the roguelike community — but at least it was enough to get into Andrew Doull’s list of the most interesting roguelikes. That list contains every game that got between 10 and 100 votes, presumably on the principle that such games are (a) well-developed and active enough to get some people excited about them, while (b) being small and new enough to contain innovative design principles.

Number of votes is obviously a very crude measure of such qualities, and not intended as anything else, but this list certainly functions as an invitation to explore some of the weirder designs out there; which, for a game designer, is invaluable.

New website

by Victor Gijsbers

Although Kerkerkruip is already 2-and-a-half years old, it has never had a dedicated website. But with the massive release 9 of the game upcoming, a new and more welcoming website seems appropriate. So, welcome to the new Kerkerkruip website!